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Founded out of passion for Custom Design and a love for Automotive, our Studio thrives on uncompromising innovation. Tokyo Artisans command over 20 years expertise in delivering relevant design-led works across specialised Custom Paint with high-end Refinishing, Concept Motorcycles + Cars and Automotive Restoration, acheived through tailored personalised programmes. 'Attention to Detail' is our DNA, fuelling our team with a desire to deliver projects that break moulds and surpass expectation.

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Tooze | Commanding 20+ Years Expertise

Tokyo Customs in-house 'Heritage Paint & Refinishing Studio', founded by Custom Paint Specialist Derek Tooze. Created for Customers seeking personalisation and genuinely one-off creations tailored minutely to their individual desires and tastes. Designed to ensure our customers feel absolutely the centre of attention, Tooze is a truly exclusive, sophisticated Studio where our Guests imaginations are encouraged and nurtured to create bespoke artworks and finishes.

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