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In a fast evolving world Tokyo Speed Shop was founded on the idea of redefining a Performance Motorcycle. Our Master Mechanic, a Ferrari specialist, with a passion for Motorcycle Design & Build, brings heritage in performance, detailed flair and style together with a passion for delivering personalised custom projects of distinction and relevance.

Tokyo + Partners deliver an unrivalled riding and ownership experience through an obsession for innovation design, engineering excellence and dedication to the rider.

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The Process

1. Consultation

Arrange a free no-obligation consultation with our Design Team either Online or as a Guest at Tokyo Customs Studio to discuss in detail your Project vision.

2. Design

Our Master Mechanic & Design Technicians will tailor design concepts, produce visuals and devise a personalised programme for your project. Our team will keep you involved through each and every step of the project cycle.

3. Finalisation

You're welcomed as our Guests to Tokyo Customs Studio for the purpose of finalising all elements of the project 1-1 with our Master Mechanic and Master Paint Technician, this will include sign-off of final design specifications, artwork and colour with a build time and reveal date set.

4. Reveal

As Friends you are welcomed back to the Studio for a personalised 'Reveal Experience' in seeing your dream become a reality and collecting to enjoy as a new member of your family.