Our Story

Tokyo Customs a Design Studio of distinction, a collective founded by Artisans commanding over 20 years expertise in delivering projects across Custom Paint, Performance Motorcycles and Classic Restoration. Fuelled by an ever constant passion to excel in pushing boundaries of design and innovation with attention to detail and a tailored ethos.

Taking the impossible and making it a normality in surpassing expectation is never a singular pursuit, it takes collaboration, our Technicians and valued Partners work with clients 1-1 and together breathe life into personalised innovative designs, creating extended family members, across all Automotive.

Our Workshop has been developed to offer a fully rounded service from initial concept development, design, through to custom build or restoration with tailored paintwork & finishes meeting any taste. Our Technicians savour in all projects no matter the size or diversity.

We are ever climbing a summit-less imagination and with each step taken on projects, hand in hand with clients, our family is ever expanding.

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What Our Customers Say

I cannot recommend these guys enough. If you are thinking about getting your car ceramic coated, go to Tokyo Customs. I can guarantee you will enjoy the whole experience and have the cleanest car around.

Tom Dowdeswell

The paintwork of my car had suffered some scratches and I was recommended to take it to Tokyo Customs. The guys there put the car through a ‘Paint Correction’ process which left my car looking good as new with little to no scratches visible. Would definitely recommend Tokyo Customs!

Harry Wright

I just purchased a new car which wasn’t in perfect condition cosmetically. I took it to Tokyo Customs for some Paint Correction and to get it Ceramic Coated to protect the paintwork. I was very happy with the outcome and now my car looks amazing every day. Thank you to the guys at Tokyo Customs.

Shelly Alexander

Our Partners