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Founded out of passion for Custom Design and a love for Automotive, our Studio thrives on uncompromising innovation. Tokyo Artisans have over 20 years expertise in delivering inspired design across Custom Paint, Speedster Motorcycles and Restoration through tailored personalised programmes. 'Attention to Detail' is our DNA, fuelling us to deliver unrivalled works from initial concept into a living dream, surpassing expectation.

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Tooze | Established 20 Years

Tokyo Customs in-house 'Heritage Paint Operations', founded by Master Paint Technician & Artisan Derek Tooze. Created for Customers seeking personalisation and genuinely one-off creations tailored minutely to their individual desires and tastes. Designed to ensure our customers feel absolutely the centre of attention, Tooze is a truly exclusive, sophisticated Studio where our Guests imaginations are encouraged and nurtured to create bespoke artworks and finishes.

Personalistion Fuelled by Tooze Premium Palette

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